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Audley warm tips: National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival during the machine maintenance and maintenance of these points must be kept in mind!

Released Date: Sep 30,2020 Article Source: Audley


  First of all, congratulations on a happy and peaceful Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday!

  During the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, please be sure to do a good job of maintenance of the machine. So how do we maintain the machine?Here are some suggestions:

Photo machine maintenance


First, sprinkler maintenance

  1Print the test strip to ensure that the nozzle prints normally without broken ink.2Before shutdown, ensure that the nozzle and ink stack are tightly fitted to effectively keep the nozzle wet and prevent the nozzle from clogging.3Clean up the waste ink bottle, clamp the waste ink tube with a clamp, tighten the cover of the ink supply to prevent air from entering. Second, machine maintenance1During the holiday, the machine cuts off the power supply and covers the dust cloth to avoid dust damage to the equipment.2Pay attention to the ambient temperature, if there are conditions, control the room temperature at15℃-30Degrees Celsius. Humidity stays at35%-65%More suitable for photo machine printing and storage.3The holiday photo machine is placed in a safe place, and measures such as fire prevention, waterproof, cold and insect prevention are taken to avoid damage to the equipment caused by normal reasons.

Banner machine maintenance


First, about the flag machine

  1First of all, please tighten the card from the large supply cartridge to the secondary cartridge to prevent ink leakage.2The downtime time of the flag machine is7Within days, directly close the nozzle seal maintenance can be;More than seven days need to machine ink3Second direct power off head maintenance.3Cover the machine with a dust cloth to prevent dust from contaminating the raster decoder.


Second, about the banner machine

1Before the holiday, turn off the power of the banner and wipe it with a cotton swab or cotton cloth dipped in anhydrous alcohol to ensure that the print head is clean.2After the banner machine is printed, cover the machine with a dust cloth to prevent dust from interfering with the printing of the equipment, resulting in an increase in later maintenance costs.3Before the machine is turned on during the holiday, wipe the print head and the rubber roller below again, and you can begin to print out after the wipe is clean.

UVPrinter maintenance


First, sprinkler maintenance

  1Choose the manufacturer's original ink, keepUVSeal of printer ink path and ink flow.

  2Change the ink pad and ink unit frequently to reduce unnecessary ink accumulation and affect the life of the nozzle.3,UVThe printer needs to first use a cotton swab dipped in cleaning liquid to clean the ink blotting pad and scraper, etc., and use the machine to fill the ink3Second power off head protection, and need to shade to prevent ultraviolet light drying nozzle. Second, machine maintenance1Clean the guide rail, and add lubricating oil, cut off the total power supply of the whole machine before the holiday break.2The limit switch, the grating strip with a non-woven cloth dipped in a small amount of alcohol to wipe clean, the machine appearance dust clean.3Epson nozzle machine will be placed for a long time, please remove the nozzle and ink pad, wash them with cleaning liquid, and wrap them in an opaque bag;The Ricoh machine only needs to close the valve and wipe the bottom of the nozzle with a non-woven cloth dipped in cleaning solution.

  The above is the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day double festival period, to share the nozzle equipment maintenance skills, I hope to help you!

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