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Photo machine brand so many, this choice is correct!

Released Date: Jul 06,2022 Article Source: xzjppn

With the rapid development of science and technology, the coverage rate of the photo machine advertising industry is also reaching a new high. So, how to choose a high-quality photo machine suitable for yourself in the market of a wide variety of printing equipment? After reading this article you will understand!


At present, there are many companies on the market, but there are not many manufacturers with real strength. There are even fewer companies that can guarantee quality and quantity. As the advertising industry for the purchase of photo machine is particularly important, how to choose, what kind of machine is really suitable for their own enterprise production, need to understand clearly in advance.

Application Industry:

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Display stand                           Light box

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Leather                          Decorative painting

01Look at the appearance

Appearance often determines the important impression people have of a product. A device, even if the drawing effect is good, if you see it every day you feel upset, it will certainly affect your advertising career. Of course, it's not just thatThe "look" also includes the overall design of the photo machine and the weight of the fuselage.


Henan Indo, for exampleAudley8194Wide-format printerIt's one of four photo machines "The King." This kindEquipment up to weight300The remaining kg is enough to ensure the stability of the equipment under high speed operation.

Therefore, when buying a photo machine, in addition to the appearance, we should also look at its weight, and do not neglect to buy a modified lightweight body equipment.

02Look at the effect of the drawing

Photo machine is not good, ultimately depends on the effect of drawing. There are many factors that affect the effect of drawing, in comparison, it is best to compare the printing effect under the same mode and the same material. Also ask for details about the manufacturer, the ink requirements used in printing, and curve Settings.

Audley8194Four-head photo machine, the use of factory original ink, printing effect is fresh and delicate, high color saturation, can restore the true color of the image.

03Look at the equipment configuration

The drawing effect is the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of the photo machine, but it does not rule out that some manufacturers show the drawing effect under specific conditions for users by means of color mixing and other Settings. Therefore, when buying a photo machine, be sure to understand its configuration. High configuration, the effect may be good. The configuration is low, the curve is set again, the ink is original, and it will not help.

04Look at the strength of the manufacturer and after-sales service

This must be very clear to advertisers. Whether the manufacturer of the photo machine source has the strength determines its after-sales service and technical leadership. Audley photo machine, deep in the field of printing for more than 20 years, has a professional young R & D and technical service team, to provide users with more photo machines.

In the above four points, advertisers should understand clearly when choosing a photo machine, so as to buy a photo machine suitable for themselves.


Leading the industry trend, show the style of India-- Audley photo machine

How to choose the right photo machine you understand? If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below; Of course, friends who want to know about other models or equipment can also call the Audley service hotline:400-6179998;Or scan the QR code below:



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