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Four tips to teach you to save photo machine ink, reduce printing costs

Released Date: Jun 06,2020 Article Source: Audley


1Clean the print head correctly

Most photo machines automatically clean the nozzle, and there is a button to clean the nozzle, if the automatic cleaning function of the device is ineffective, you can manually clean the nozzle. For manual cleaning, the nozzle should be removed according to the steps in the operation manual, a piece of thin rubber hose should be placed in the front end of the medical syringe, and it should be rinsed with strictly filtered water. When rinsing, use a magnifying glass to carefully observe the spray hole. If there is silted residue near the spray hole, soft rubber products can be used to remove it. The nozzle that is not used for a long time is blocked due to the drying of ink, and can be cleaned after soaking in hot water. The following points should be noted when cleaning the nozzle:

ADo not use sharp items to clean the nozzle, do not hit the nozzle, do not touch the nozzle with your hands;
  BDo not disassemble or install the nozzle in a live state, and do not touch the electrical contact on the nozzle with your hands or other items;
  CThe sprinkler head cannot be removed from the machine and placed separately, and the sprinkler head cannot be placed in a dusty place.

2Do not add ink to the ink bottle immediately
  We know that the flag machine is through the sensor to detect the amount of ink in the cartridge, as long as the sensor detects that the amount of ink in one of the colors is less than the value set inside the machine, it will prompt to replace the cartridge, then the sensor inside the machine is reset, we can add ink to the cartridge.
  (Large capacity can be external ink bottle, reduce the number of inking and prevent no ink impact on the machine, contains ink alarm, timely detection of small ink, so as not to affect printing)

3Minimize the number of cleaning
  There are many reasons for the blockage, such as the working environment of the machine, the quality of the ink, the idle time of the machine, etc., because each time the inkjet head is cleaned, a large amount of ink should be consumed, so the number of times of cleaning the inkjet head should be minimized, of course, when using the machine, attention should be paid to using the machine manufacturer specified model ink as much as possible.
  (Intimate tips: In order to ensure the life of the nozzle and printing color, it is recommended to use the original manufacturer's ink)

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