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Wide-format piezoelectric photo machine can not be separated from these industry applications

Released Date: Jan 08,2021 Article Source: Audley

  With the development of inkjet technology, photo machine has become the darling of The Times, and all walks of life have its figure. So, what are the specific applications of the photo machine?How does it work?

First, the traditional indoor and outdoor advertising spray painting industry

  The indoor and outdoor advertising industry is also a rapidly developing industry in recent years. With the prosperity of commercial economy, product advertising and brand building, these are the most popular forms of advertising display in the advertising industry. Basically, the advertising industry is mainly used for publicity, and there are various advertising methods, such as common bus stops, large supermarkets and shopping malls. Outdoor elevated billboards, etc., these are the application of outdoor spray photo advertising.


  Piezoelectric photo machine is now the most mainstream printing inkjet equipment, can achieve higher printing accuracy and printing speed, color expression is particularly strong, the image picture is delicate, high clarity, and the printing effect is very realistic, such as Audley black sharkH1Series industrial piezoelectric photo machine, matchingi3200Original authorized sprinkler,3Head,6Head,8Head, peer processing inkjet processing plant preferred model. And the photo machine printing output operation is simple, can achieve large format image screen printing output, production hours are short, the investment cost is small, so this is other printing equipment can not replace the tool, piezoelectric photo machine must be widely used for the traditional advertising inkjet industry.

Second, the application of graphic processing and sign processing industry


  For the graphic processing industry for the clarity of the graphic requirements is relatively high, and the piezoelectric photo machine in the printing accuracy is absolutely worth everyone's rest assured, through the piezoelectric photo machine printing output of the graphic is not only clear, and printing speed is fast, so the graphic processing industry is also a major application of outdoor photo machine. For the sign processing industry, the most impressive is that the format is large and clear, and many places in life need to use signs, because the sign can not only reflect the image of a company, but also reflect the image of a region, naturally you need bright pictures, clear text, and outdoor piezoelectric photo machine can meet these requirements.

Third, the application of oil painting and cloth textile traditional manufacturing industry


  Piezoelectric photo machine can achieve better image and color restoration, and the applicable printing media materials are numerous, so many users will be applied to the photo machine for oil painting art imitation, low cost and high value;In the cloth textile manufacturing industry, personalized pattern printing can be achieved, and more small amounts of personalized customized printing can be achieved, such as mobile phone holster, tablet computer holster personalized leather pattern printing, leather bag appearance pattern printing and so on;Photo machine printing oil painting, can achieve the reproduction of oil painting, many oil painting artists, through painting to create a good oil painting, through high-definition screen scanning and related graphics and image processing, and then through the photo machine printing output, you can copy calligraphy and painting. Because of the high similarity, the collection value also exists, most of them exceed one thousand yuan per square meter, which can be used for copying, viewing or decoration.

Fourth, the application of home decoration industry

  Photo machine inkjet printing can realize personalized home decoration wallpaper pattern printing, single transparent materials in the home and office environment decoration and application, printing personalized patterns of soft film ceiling and so on. Wallpaper is an important building decoration material, with the economic development and the improvement of people's housing level, the demand for wallpaper has increased greatly. At present, China's annual output of wallpaper1.3100 million square meters, is already a large production country, but the use of wallpaper in developed countries is close50%And our country only1%It can be seen that the wallpaper market in China still has a lot of room for development.

  With the continuous progress of inkjet printing technology, coupled with the domestic photo machine is more popular with users with a cost-effective, so that it has been faster development. In addition to the above major industries, other different types of industries are beginning to apply different types of printing equipment, I believe that the future market of piezoelectric photo machine printing equipment will be more and more broad.

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