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F3208 digital printing machine

Nozzle specifications: 8 head Epson I3200-A1 Ink Type: Thermal transfer ink Printing Width: Maximum 3000MM Printing mode: 1PASS: 420M2/H (production mode) 2PASS: 200M2/H (precision mode)
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ADL-F1908 eight-head industrial printing machine

Eight head digital printing machine, speed up to 240 square/hour, will be your printing processing production tool!
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Audley ADL-5191 single head photo machine

1. Adopt imported famous brand EpsonF1080-A1/I3200-A1/E1Sprinkler head; 2. Provide a variety of large size width models, outdoor and indoor models for users to choose; 3. MontheyRIPSoftware, easy to operate, bright color; 4. precision1440DPIThe printing quality can be comparable to that of imported machines. 5.New rack design:New aluminum body/Overall aluminum beam design, effectively improve the printing quality

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