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Note: The weather is cool, how to maintain the photo machine!

Released Date: Oct 27,2021 Article Source: Audley

       The decrease of temperature will not only make the drying speed of the printed picture slow, but also easily cause the blockage of the photo machine nozzle. In addition, low temperature is often accompanied by low humidity, which has a greater impact on the picture quality, so in order to ensure the normal and smooth output of the photo machine, we must first pay attention to the environment of the photo machine.

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In most areas of northern weather, the temperature is very low, the viscosity of the ink will increase, affecting the nozzle ink, air is too dry will cause the nozzle printing configuration of flying ink, please keep the room temperature is not lower than25℃The air humidity is not lower than40%To ensure the normal storage conditions of the ink.

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Please follow the normal operation procedure to protect the nozzle and ink path.Do not use the machine in low temperature environment, the nozzle is as expensive as gold, and use and cherish! Recently, the temperature has dropped very fast, and the machine equipment will have bleaching ink, loose ink, bidirectional line pairs, dislocation, cleaning and pumping ink is not good.

Recommended ink temperature22About the degree will have a very good fluency, advertising users, the indoor temperature is appropriate to rise to avoid some of the above mentioned situations, please use Audley factory original ink, to avoid problems in the use process.

Pay attention to the lifting screw, guide rail, clean up, evenly apply a small amount of lubricating oil or grease.

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