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How powerful is this UV net belt machine? I was shocked when I read it!

Released Date: May 23,2022 Article Source: zkuvwd

Are you still bothered by the slow and inefficient printing speed? You must have picked the wrong machine.Come with me and teach youHow to choose a good machine!


Advantages of purchase:

Our companyThis is the new one UVWebbing machine, match6 Epson nozzle, high speed, high precision, printing per hour 240Square meters, mass printing, stable output, intelligent money saving .

Support a variety of printing modes, such as the common white color, full color, Color white, black and white, white,Fancy white Let's wait. For example, Full colorPrint mode, every hour 240Square meter And it worked brilliantly.

Standard JapanTHKrail

Standard JapanTHKGuide rail, high stability in high-speed operation, low noise, to ensure that printing under high-speed printing to achieve high-precision output.

Smart car collision avoidance

Both sides of the head are equipped with anti-collision devices to protect the nozzle and equipment from damage, greatly improving the yield of production and improving production efficiency.

  resource/images/6ed00aa6fd8443949b3d5c1f05ccf63b_58.png   resource/images/6ed00aa6fd8443949b3d5c1f05ccf63b_60.png

High strength transfer tape guide device

Automatic height measuring device

   resource/images/6ed00aa6fd8443949b3d5c1f05ccf63b_62.png    resource/images/6ed00aa6fd8443949b3d5c1f05ccf63b_64.png

Vacuum suction platform control

Adjust according to different materials to better ensure the smooth adsorption material.

Ink supply unit

   resource/images/6ed00aa6fd8443949b3d5c1f05ccf63b_66.png    resource/images/6ed00aa6fd8443949b3d5c1f05ccf63b_68.png

Front and rear air expansion shaft retracting and discharging system

High speed silent tow chain

 resource/images/6ed00aa6fd8443949b3d5c1f05ccf63b_70.png   resource/images/6ed00aa6fd8443949b3d5c1f05ccf63b_72.png

A variety of materials can be printed

printablepp/Back glue, soft film, non-woven fabric, leather, etc.The screen is hit and dry, improve efficiency. Be known asOmnipotentUVThe printer ". Let you no longer have to worry about slow speed and other problems.Efforts to create success, details determine success or failure, let customers buy rest assured, with comfort is our pursuit of the goal, with quality"Seal" future Certificate - Audley UVWebbing machine Indu digital is willing to work with you to create a better tomorrow! Follow me so you can choose your equipment and not get lost.

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Recommend products

ADL7192 double head photo machine

ADL7192 double head photo machine

High speed sprinkler :I3200 high speed sprinkler, compatibility: weak solvent, water, thermal sublimation, UV Dual-head configuration: true high-speed printing, 75 square per hour; Control system: the most stable domestic board control system; Silent linear guide: imported silent linear guide, more stable machine movement 1 longer service life; Anti-scratch device: prevent the material from lifting the scratch nozzle, effectively protect the nozzle; Intelligent heating: Dual infrared heating: reduce drying time, speed up paper delivery efficiency, ensure high-speed printing; New frame design: mold appearance new aluminum alloy body structure design, effectively improve the picture printing quality; The height of the trolley frame adjustment: according to the thickness of the material, adjust the height of the nozzle, convenient for users to use more media; Silent linear guide: imported silent linear guide, more stable machine movement, longer service life;

Audley ADL-8194 four head industrial piezoelectric photo machine

Audley ADL-8194 four head industrial piezoelectric photo machine

1.With Epsoni3200-A1/E1Original authentic sprinkler head 2.Imported silent linear guide rail: no noise, more stable movement, more stable printing, extend the service life of the machine. 3.All aluminum lifting ink stack: automatic lifting ink stack, tighter sealing and long-term moisturizing, automatic cleaning Settings, cleaner and simpler printing. 4.German Igus chain, the movement is silent more stable. 5.Three speed adjustable press wheel, prevent static electricity does not fly ink, printing size is more accurate, no wrinkles.

M1800W Canvas webbing printer

M1800W Canvas webbing printer

With Epsoni3200-U1Nozzle, four-head configuration, high precision mode can be reached32㎡/h, production mode48㎡/h. Platform three zones adjustable suction, high power water coolingUVLights. Head automatic height measurement, anti-collision protection, nozzle independent constant temperature system. Heavy-duty pneumatic expansion shaft, rolling simple discharge system, large bearing weight, long service life, uniform retracting and discharging materials.

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