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Experts reveal: Why is the Audley photo machine sought after by the bus media advertising industry?

Released Date: Apr 30,2022 Article Source: Audley

Speaking of advertising, some people will think that physical media advertising is outdated, and we media advertising such as Tiktok and Kuaishou is the first choice.

However, according to the relevant data report, the advertising investment of most well-known enterprises in we-media platforms is far less than that in bus media advertising. For example, the automobile industry, drinks, mobile phones, luxury goods and other industries.


What is the charm of bus media advertising? It can compete with self-media advertising?


No matter what kind of advertisement, only when it is seen by the public, it will have the possibility of further transformation. Whether it is a short video promotion or a web promotion, the first reaction of people is when they row this kind of advertisement or see a recommended advertisement on their mobile phones"Skip" and "Paddle away" and "Close".


△ Iqiyi video opening AD

In the current fast-paced lifestyle, people are more purposeful and targeted, and the omnipresent we-media platform advertising, so that people gradually lose their trust in advertising, and even prefer to buy a member in exchange for a few minutes of time without advertising.

On the contrary, when you are waiting for a bus, or when you go out to play shopping and stop at the side of the road, there is a bus advertising at the red light not far from you, then how likely are you to pay attention to this advertisement?


Definitely more likely than the last one. After all, it is the visibility of bus media advertisingA real advertising that appears in front of people's eyes, this form of advertising has no "keyword" support, no "eye-catching" beginning, is simply displayed in front of your eyes at a glance, you can quickly let people pay attention to it.

In addition, in the age of big data, any statistics can only be used as a reference, because you have no idea whether real people or machines are operating behind a series of digital clicks. The physical bus media advertising is different, the number of times shown depends on the bus route, as well as the flow of people, there are traces to follow, there is evidence to rely on.



Bus media itself is a brand, it is attached to buses, shelters such quality people's livelihood projects, in the public psychology is a deep-rooted, trustworthy brand, advertising in the bus media is similar to two brands strong alliance, icing on the cake, better.

Looking at the many advertising channels, only the bus media brand image is the most profound, grand, long.


In the public transport media advertising, its own brand building is twice the result with half the effort. Especially for some goods with high consumption threshold, consumers' purchasing behavior is more rational, and brands need to maintain long-term exposure of the brand, thereby subtly affecting the purchase orientation of the target audience, so bus media has unique advantages.



Each otherNetworking terminal restrictions, either PCOr mobile phone, its display area is small, far less than the visual impact of traditional advertising, coupled with its viewing conditions have certain limitations. For example, it is necessary to have a network, the audience must have a certain degree of education, and at least be able to use smart phones, which makes the advertising effect has great limitations.

The bus media can rely on the bus shelter or the body, more than ten square meters to dozens of square meters of display area, stand out in the outdoor scene, consumers can see at a glance, the shock can be imagined.


In addition, in terms of audience requirements, bus media is obviously relatively low, and there is no need to have a network. Especially for some elderly people who do not have much literacy, they only need to understand the items or photos on the advertising surface, and the advertising communication effect is basically achieved.



In people's past concept, the bus media, like most outdoor billboards, does not seem to be as advanced as the Internet advertising carrier, or even a little too backward. However, this does not stop the creative space of bus media advertising.

Combined with the bus shelter and the bus body itself, it can make advertising play to the extreme! Especially in recent years, with5GTechnological developments, artificial intelligence,AIThe continuous attempts and applications of such technologies have brought more possibilities to bus shelter advertising. On the basis of its advantages as always, it has increased the interaction with the audience, so that advertising is no longer just a transmission picture, but more through the interaction with consumers, the consumption subconscious is formed in a subtle way to help brands enhance their influence.


△ Bus creative advertising

In recent years, innovative advertisers have gradually applied new technologies and materials such as color-changing printing materials and environmentally friendly car stickers to body advertising, which not only gives the body advertising more color and creative display of the picture, but also upholds the consistent concept of environmental protection and energy saving.

inAudley Wide-format printer In the user group, the customer's requirements for the print screen are: clear, full color, tasteless and environmentally friendly, high color fastness, and long-term exposure.

With consistency"Enhance customer printing experience" standards,Audley Photo machine deeply cultivates the field of printing25+So far, it has created a number of high-end hot brands in the industry, such as Audley photo series ,M Y COLOR series, and UVNet belt series, etc Other products .


AudleyEquipment equipped with EpsonI3200Sprinkler, withTHKGuide rail, Reisai servo brushless integrated motor, fluorine rubber paper wheel and other advanced configuration, printing speed, clear drawing, high color quality, The technology is mature,"Seal" is widely used,And it comes factory equipped I3200Photo machine special ink, environmental protection, tasteless and pollution-free, in line with public demand Let you worry free after sale .

Audley photo series product recommendation


carry1An EpsonI3200 Sprinkler, in production mode,

Chart speed per hour2pass22 Square meters,

The equipment has superior cost performance

It is the only choice for small and medium-sized advertising processing plants


 carry 4 An EpsonI3200-A1/E1sprayer

Chart speed breakthrough139/h

High strength industrial fuselage

First-class configuration in the industry

The sales king of the four high-end machines


carry2a perhaps 3a Epson I3200sprayer

In production mode, the speed of drawing can be broken95

The equipment has superior cost performance

It is the only choice for small and medium-sized advertising processing plants


 carry 8 An EpsonI3200-A1/E1sprayer

Mapping speed can break through260 /h

Equipped with high-power air-heat integrated intelligent dryer

Automatic rewinding system

The paper wheel can be adjusted in three levels

Enjoy high speed and high quality printing experience


takeload 2 a love Prissen I3200A1/E1 F1080-A1 sprayer

Gallop printing equipment industry for many years

Print width1900mm

Advertising photo industry mainstream models


 carry 2 An EpsonI3200-A1/E1sprayer


4color print

Print speed4pass 55 /h

The details are detailed

Photo quality is achieved


   Non-woven mesh belt printer

carry1-15 only Epson I3200-A1/E1/U1sprayer

C M Y K WFive-color output

The picture is beautiful and exquisite, clear and delicate

Using environmentally friendly light curing ink

Not only green, but also high color saturation

In fact, in addition to bus media advertising, the development of other physical advertising methods in recent years is no worse than the self-media advertising. Like ladder media, street signs,Wall advertising, subway advertising, etc., with the continuous update of scientific and technological power, indoor and outdoor advertising methods will be more diversified.

Audley Wide-format printer As always, it will contribute to the expansion of advertising methods and contribute to the display of advertising content.

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