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There is such a banner machine, so that you use more and more worry!

Released Date: Aug 24,2022 Article Source: yykzyd

Banners in ancient calligraphy is a specification, modern banners are often propaganda banners, there are banners on the websitebannerThere are often seen banners on the street, in the square, in front of the gate. Due to its low cost, it can play a good role in advertising and is widely used.Faster and higher quality when printing, even if1CMThe small print can also be clearly printed. And the same content can be printed again and againNArticle, save time Save Labour Save effort. Using ribbon, there is no "drying problem", printing can be directly hung.This is also exactlyThe Audley banner machineWhy it is loved by the advertising industry.


Everybody's rightBanner machineWhat does the app know? Generally speaking, banners with yellow characters on red background are suitable for opening, wedding, festival and other celebrations, and banners with white characters on red background are suitable for other general propaganda slogans, such as: venue slogans, team slogans, employment slogans, fire slogans and so on.


Machine display:

 resource/images/2253e19514e146d0b758f33f506c9bf3_23.png       resource/images/2253e19514e146d0b758f33f506c9bf3_25.png

l Humanized design of the whole machine, no need to repeat operation, saving time and effort

l High quality, imported configuration

l High-quality components: Machine accessories are strictly screened to ensure product quality

Seven reasons to buy:

l Interchangeable three-section print head: New print head film splicing technology, left and right can be interchangeable, more durable, truly extend the life of the print head.

l Optional double roller cloth extrusion device: print at any time, cut at any time, convenient and fast

resource/images/2253e19514e146d0b758f33f506c9bf3_27.png     resource/images/2253e19514e146d0b758f33f506c9bf3_29.png

l USBMouth operation printing: a variety of ways to choose, more convenient operation

l Equipped with professional electrostatic brush: The machine increases the electrostatic brush, eliminates static electricity, and is more conducive to protecting the print head.

 resource/images/2253e19514e146d0b758f33f506c9bf3_31.png     resource/images/2253e19514e146d0b758f33f506c9bf3_33.png

l Thimble device: prevent step deviation and ensure print effect

l New torque shaft: stable and easy to operate

resource/images/2253e19514e146d0b758f33f506c9bf3_39.png   resource/images/2253e19514e146d0b758f33f506c9bf3_41.png

l Digital display five-way board: operation fine-tuning, printing effect is more significant.

Sample display:

 resource/images/2253e19514e146d0b758f33f506c9bf3_43.png  resource/images/2253e19514e146d0b758f33f506c9bf3_45.png

This kindAudley king Kong1000kBanner machinePut an end to wrinkles, printing stability, continuous high speed, a wide range of applications, to meet customer needs, so that you no longer have to worry about wrinkles, slow speed and other worries. Doesn't this make you feel any better?Audley Banner machine, Indu digital is willing to work with you to create a better tomorrow! National unified service hotline:400-6179998


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