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Common reasons that affect the normal use of photo machine nozzle

Released Date: Apr 30,2022 Article Source: Audley

The nozzle is the key component of the photo machine, many photo machine users have encountered the problem that the photo machine nozzle does not work normally, causing the photo machine to not work in all aspects, the photo machine nozzle is a precision component,The Audley photo machineThe printing accuracy can be reached14401dpi The extremely fine nozzle ensures the accuracy of the printing screen, and it is also easy to cause the nozzle to not work normally due to improper maintenance, bad ink, static interference and other reasons. Here's a look at the impactWide-format printerThe common reasons for the normal work of the nozzle, understanding these knowledge related to the nozzle, for the use of photo machine you in the daily maintenance work is of great benefit.


1. Electrostatic interference
Too dry working environment, will directly produce a lot of static electricity, directly cause ink head circuit damage; Or in the use of printing materials, especially in the use of plastic-based materials, such asPPWhen the adhesive medium is backed, a large amount of static electricity will also be generated; Damage the ink head or cause the accumulation of impurities resulting in ink head blockage damage.

2. There is air in the pipe
Often because the contact point between the pipe and the ink head is loose or the ink head leaks, the ink backflows to the left ink supply bin, resulting in empty burning damage to the ink head of the photo machine. If there are bubbles in the process of filling the ink, the general burn will cause a short circuit, resulting in the failure of the entire group of holes.


3. External voltage

The external voltage is too high or unstable, which has a great impact on the print head of the photo machine, and may cause the machine to burn out the print head or not recognize the print head.

4..Ink quality

The ink contains a variety of chemical components, often due to the filter is not fine, the viscosity is too high, the moisturizer is not up to standard and other factors, resulting in the failure of the print head.

5.Inattentive to operation and maintenance

towardsEpsonThe direct cause of its damage is physical damage, that is, due to the warping of paper and other media, the metal hole at the bottom of the print head is scratched during the printing process, resulting in damage to the spray hole of the print head of the photo machine, and the normal injection is not possible. The cleaning box on the right side of the photo machine should be often taken down and cleaned with pure water to prevent too much ink accumulation causing ink head blockage. Too much ink at the bottom of the ink head will also block the print spray hole, which should be removed and cleaned with warm water.


The Audley photo machineThe nozzle adopts Epson nozzle technology, which has a longer service life, more stable performance, and a fine nozzle, which can ensure the exquisite effect of the printing picture of the photo machine. The nozzle of the photo machine is very important, so we should pay attention to the maintenance of the photo machine nozzle, and this work can extend the service life of the photo machine nozzle and improve the printing effect. Audley photo machine here to remind the majority of photo machine users, we must know more about the knowledge of the photo machine, which is conducive to daily operation and maintenance, photo machine maintenance also has skills and precautions, in the future will continue to introduce for you.

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