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One for three! Analyze the industry's most popular photo machine!

Released Date: Aug 05,2022 Article Source: ytdstj

Photo machines are really hot right now.

Go out a trip, subway stations, buses, shopping malls, everywhere you can see photo machine printing processing advertising applications.





Moreover, the photo machine prints a lot of advertising materials.

Common photo paper, back gluePP,PVCHard pieces,PVCTransparent film, lamp film, photo cloth, transparent film, car sticker, outdoorPPSpray painting cloth, etc.

As well, the uncommon xuan Rong cloth, oil painting cloth, rice paper, silk cloth, knife cloth, mesh cloth, curtain cloth, etc.

In the market this year, the most popular photo machine for advertisers is this one-Audley8194Photo machine.


This kindAudley8194Wide-format printerBe atAudley7192On the basis of the double head photo model, after the upgrade of high-end equipment. Once launched, it won the praise of the market. This four-head machine, the reason why the market is popular, based on its four core advantages:

Core advantage

1. Print fast

2. The performance of the board is good

3. Low energy consumption

4. Good after-sales service


1. Print fast

Brand newAudley8194Four head photo machine, can be printed every hour85Square meters, is the industry's four head photo machine printing fastest equipment.

Medium printing mode, for most advertising processing plants, is more commonly used. This printing speed is derived from the results of tests on a variety of printing materials in medium mode.

Under different materials, and the size of the emergence value of the case, the printing speed is not the same.

In general, every hour85Ping, there is no exaggeration in this statistic. It can make the processing plant work quickly and win more orders.

2. The performance of the board is good

As the core part of the photo machine, the board card is also an important concern for advertisers to choose the photo machine.

Audley8194Photo machine uses board cards for AudleyIndependent research and development, andI3200The advantages of the nozzle are combined with the application habits of domestic advertisers and the characteristics of the ink, and the warm wave technology is developed.

This technology can detect the temperature change during the printing process in real time and realize automatic calculation to match the most suitable driving waveform. Start immediately, no need to preheat or air temperature control.


3. Low energy consumption

Audley8194Equipped with intelligent dryer, and support for segmented drying, you can control energy consumption well.

In addition, the dryer will automatically stop working when the printing stops. At the same time, the paper receiver will automatically stop after the completion of the work, further controlling the power consumption.


4. Good after-sales service

The Audley brand has been around for a long time25+More than a year, in a number of cities in the country with a dealer sales network. Every year, technical training will be held for agents and technicians, users can look at the machine nearby, buy the machine nearby, enjoy the fast installation, after-sales worry.

If you are interested in more details about the price and equipment of the photo machine, you can long press this QR code to consult.

National unified service hotline:400-6179998


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