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The age of glory, Audley photo machine live up to expectations!

Released Date: Sep 08,2022 Article Source: ymsdad

According to the authoritative report, the next five years, inkjet printing will show a healthy growth trend, is expected to2027The total global inkjet equipment will grow to49A billion dollars.

In recent years, the vigorous development of China's photo machine has revitalized the global printing industry.The Audley photo machine As the leader in the domestic machine, to "Innovation" as the core, "service" as the purpose, there are now a number of photo machine to become the printing industry "carry the child".

AudleyADL-8194Four-head industrial piezoelectric photo machine 

Audley8194 As a high-end brand in the photo machine, since its listing, it has attracted much attention from advertisers with its unique atmospheric appearance, excellent printing effect, and wind-like drawing speed.

Greased lightning, photocopy color! The pursuit of speed is not our purpose, to help advertisers quickly complete orders, seize the market, perfect delivery, is our goal.

The Audley photo machinecarry4An EpsonI3200Nozzle, high precision mode output speed can be achieved85㎡/hIn the industry in a leading position.

AudleyADL-8194Four-head industrial piezoelectric photo machine 

In terms of print effect,4The spray heads are staggered, thanks to the excellent performance of Epson spray heads, the minimum ink drop can be achieved2.5PL,The print screen has smooth transition and high saturation.

In terms of use environment,Combined with the printing habits of advertisers and the characteristics of the use of ink, the warm link waveform technology has been developed to improve the adaptability of its driving waveform to5℃-45℃There is no need for air temperature control, ink or nozzle heating, to achieve startup and ensure that the print quality is not affected by the environment.

In terms of equipment configuration,The Audley photo machineThe industrial frame is used to ensure the stability of the equipment running at high speed. Guide rail made in JapanTHKSilent linear guide, longer life, more stable operation; The motor adopts the well-known Lesai servo brushless integrated motor, which can achieve high-precision drive linear decoding with less error and higher precision.

Two large capacity ink supply system, intelligent voice control system, fully enclosed high moisture ink stack, can3File adjustment paper wheel and other configurations, for the equipment high-speed high-definition graphics to provide protection, so that advertisers enjoy printing.

Equipment advantage

 1.Paper roller

The imported fluoroprene paper wheel can be adjusted in three levels, and the thickness of different printing media can be balanced and fixed, the paper is more accurate, and the static electricity can be prevented, making the printing safer.

.Paper roller  


Adopt doubleTHKSilent linear guide, high precision linear decoding, can still maintain the stability of the car when the equipment is running at high speed.



3.Drying system

The side and bottom are equipped with high-power dryer, which can ensure that the screen is dried in time when the high-speed output is carried out.

Drying system  

  4.Automatic rewinding system

Equipped with the pneumatic shaft automatic rewinding system, can withstand1000meter/The printing medium of the roll can avoid the problem of frequent paper loading during high-speed printing, and the automatic rewinding system can also reduce the workload of workers, reduce the time of material replacement, and improve the printing efficiency.

.Automatic rewinding system 

  5.Crash car frame

The purpose of the anti-collision function of the trolley frame is to prevent damage to the nozzle when the printing medium has warped edges or other debris on the printing platform.

The anti-collision trolley frame configured with this device not only has the function of anti-rubbing paper, but also can adjust the height of the nozzle according to the thickness of different printing media, and easily cope with various types of thickness of printing media.


 6.Ink store

High moisture fully enclosed ink stack, can fully protect and automatic cleaning nozzle, long-term moisturizing+Comprehensive protection, making printing more efficient and simple.

Ink store  


7.Ink supply system

The use of large-capacity two-stage ink supply system, so that the ink supply is stable and smooth, once adding ink, you can realize long-term unattended inkjet printing.

Moreover, the height of the secondary small ink cartridge can be adjusted up and down, and the height of the ink cartridge can be adjusted up and down according to different atmospheric pressure conditions to improve printing stability.

Ink supply system  

ADL8194 Wide-format printer, It is widely used in indoor and outdoor areas. Printable photo paper, adhesive photo paper, PPPaper,PVCHard pieces,PVCTransparent film, blowtorch film, photo cloth, oil painting cloth, transparent film, white canvas, satin cloth and so on.

Scope of application

As a leading brand in the field of photo machines, Audley photo machinesInterpret with strengthThe four product advantages of "high precision, speed, stability and durability" have won the dual recognition of the industry and the market, and achieved a win-win situation of reputation and sales.

Craftsmanship, peak quality! Audley photo machine in the details of excellence, the selection of high-end accessories, committed to bring users the ultimate printing enjoyment; At the same time, it is supplemented by strict production process and strict quality control to ensure that users can buy and use with peace of mind.

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ADL7192 double head photo machine

High speed sprinkler :I3200 high speed sprinkler, compatibility: weak solvent, water, thermal sublimation, UV Dual-head configuration: true high-speed printing, 75 square per hour; Control system: the most stable domestic board control system; Silent linear guide: imported silent linear guide, more stable machine movement 1 longer service life; Anti-scratch device: prevent the material from lifting the scratch nozzle, effectively protect the nozzle; Intelligent heating: Dual infrared heating: reduce drying time, speed up paper delivery efficiency, ensure high-speed printing; New frame design: mold appearance new aluminum alloy body structure design, effectively improve the picture printing quality; The height of the trolley frame adjustment: according to the thickness of the material, adjust the height of the nozzle, convenient for users to use more media; Silent linear guide: imported silent linear guide, more stable machine movement, longer service life;

Audley ADL-8194 four head industrial piezoelectric photo machine

Audley ADL-8194 four head industrial piezoelectric photo machine

1.With Epsoni3200-A1/E1Original authentic sprinkler head 2.Imported silent linear guide rail: no noise, more stable movement, more stable printing, extend the service life of the machine. 3.All aluminum lifting ink stack: automatic lifting ink stack, tighter sealing and long-term moisturizing, automatic cleaning Settings, cleaner and simpler printing. 4.German Igus chain, the movement is silent more stable. 5.Three speed adjustable press wheel, prevent static electricity does not fly ink, printing size is more accurate, no wrinkles.

M1800W Canvas webbing printer

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