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A one-time order of 30 units? What's so good about this printing machine?

Released Date: May 18,2022 Article Source: ycxdg3

Affected by the new coronavirus epidemic, the printing industry market is gradually depressed, but Audley printing machine is bucking the trend, sales are growing, and more customers buy multiple sets at one time. Printing industry for the printing machine purchase requirements without exception are fast, high precision, to meet customer requirements, so customers before the purchase of equipment, will go through a number of brand products, the final selection of the machine. So what is so special about the Audley printing machine that customers love so much?

F2208Industrial printing machineresource/images/65d7ba7b525f4afd9abc1083f5b7fcbb_55.png

This kindF 2208 Industrial printing machineIt carries eight Epsonsi 3200 Sprinkler head,2passreachable170/ hCan quickly respond to large orders and urgent orders, shorten the delivery cycle, to achieve2 4Delivery by hour. High precision printing, Epson's unique variable ink drop technology, precise positioning of ink drops,3 200 A jet hole at the same time inkjet printing, screen color transition natural, dark light color, solid color can be easily done.


F2208Equipment parameters: 


F2208Printing scheme:


F2208Advantages and features:

01Three roller press wheel:

The use of three pressure wheel design, compared with many manufacturers of two pressure wheel gap is smaller, to ensure that the printing medium walks more smoothly, higher precision, better effect.


02Imported silent linear guide rail:

The machine movement is more stable, no noise, more stable printing, longer service life.


03Finishing sprinkler protection:

The fully machined nozzle protection device can effectively avoid the damage caused by the scratching of the surface of the nozzle due to the wrinkle of the material in the use of the equipment, protect the nozzle and extend the service life of the nozzle.


04Drying system:

The heating and drying system can automatically adapt to the different drying conditions of outdoor and indoor inks, ensuring that it is ready to dry when printing large ink quantity pictures at high speed.


05Ink shortage alarm device:

4LLarge capacity ink barrel, ensure long printing life, ink shortage alarm device, ink can be added in advance when the equipment is used in ink shortage, to avoid printing due to ink shortage caused by abnormal printing.

06Eight heads all aluminum ink stack

All aluminum ink stack, long-lasting moisturizing, automatic cleaning and moisturizing function, cleaner and simpler printing.


07Board control system:

Adopt the domestic stable board control system to ensure the stable, efficient and consistent movement of the machine; Industrial circuit layout escort to ensure the long-term stability of the machine.


This kindF2208Industrial printing machine Printing machineDid you get all the device information? If in doubt, you can leave a comment below the article; For more information about other devices, you can also consult the Audley service hotline:400-6179998 ; Or scan the QR code below:


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