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Photo machine nozzle in which case is easy to wear out the nozzle?

Released Date: Oct 12,2020 Article Source: Audley

As a photo machine with a higher appearance rate in the advertising industry, naturally, it has gathered the attention of many people, and the protection of the sprinkler has become the primary maintenance of the equipmentThe topic! So what things will affect the life of the nozzle, the following Audley Xiaobian to share with you!

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1Do not pay attention to electrostatic protection

Piezoelectric photo machine is very sensitive to static electricity, especially in the photo machine printing nozzle, so in the operation process, do not directly touch the hand nozzle. To maintain the sprinkler head, wear protective gloves and check the connection of the grounding cable frequently.

2Nozzle when disassemblingUninterruptible power

When the photo machine is not completely powered off, do not disassemble the nozzle, which is easy to cause short circuit of the photo machine line and precision parts, and will wear the photo machine nozzle, so the nozzle should be powered off before disassembly.

3Reasonable use of cleaning fluid

Photo machine nozzle in the automatic cleaning or manual cleaning process, often use photo machine cleaning solution, nozzle soaking treatment is also a suitable maintenance treatment method. Just want to say that the nozzle in the cleaning liquid soaking time, can not be too long, generally within a few hours, a long time is easy to cause corrosion damage to the photo machine nozzle, so when cleaning to calculate some time, do not go in the opposite way, more than worth the loss.

4Use inferior ink

Previously published articles have also emphasized that the use of original ink for photo machines is a common thing, and again emphasize the use of original ink from manufacturers, ink fluency is high, high stability, can bring you high-quality printing experience, and photo machine after-sales protection, which is more important you know!

The above is the photo machine nozzle wear several cases,Hope to help you!

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