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Hot film printer personalized customization period is short to usher in new development opportunities

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outfit,Inseparable from printing,Especially with the development of personalized customization,Unique prints have become a winning weapon for clothing brands to occupy more market share,It is relying on the vigorous development of e-commerce,Clothing personalized customization industry is gradually moving toward normalization and intelligence,The market is also expanding. With the rapid development of fast fashion at home and abroad,Only by maximizing both flow and supply chain,Tight production cycle,To capture the market!

A few years ago,Printing is basically the use of screen printing process. Screen printing is mostly done by hand,Many printing processes,Operation of the pigment printing and scraping ink techniques, proficiency is relatively particular,The quality of the color paste and the importance of the technique will affect the final product effect. In addition to the cumbersome process,High labor cost,Long duration defect,The biggest problem with screen printing is that it will pollute the environment,This is undoubtedly fatal to the modern society with increasingly high environmental protection requirements.

Hot film printer

The garment industry needs to find new processes to replace them,Digital printing machine has become a better choice. Digital printing,Printing by digital technology. With the continuous development of computer technology and gradually formed a set of machinery, computer electronic information technology as one of the high-tech products. The emergence and continuous improvement of this technology,It has brought a brand new concept to the customized clothing industry,Advanced production principles and means,It has brought an unprecedented development opportunity to the clothing personalized customization industry.

Patterns produced by digital printing process,Wide color gamut, bright colors, high precision, delicate image, soft feel,Its principle makes the product break the color limitation of traditional production,It can make textile fabrics realize the printing effect of high-grade printing,Breaking through the traditional textile printing pattern of the color limit,Especially in the color gradient, moire and other high-precision pattern printing,Digital printing has unparalleled advantages in technology,Pure machine operation,High production efficiency,Suitable for mass production. Digital printing also has the following advantages:

1, with Epsoni3200-A1High printing precision, good effect!

2Save labor:One man sees many machines,And save the drawing, plate making, plate printing, mixing, moving board, laying cloth and other complex processes.

3, simple operation:You only need a little computer knowledge to operate it,Call any time in high season,No need to be subject to professional printing workers

4, single piece printing:Any of them can be printed,Suitable for small batch order and personalized customization

5, bright colors:Color High color saturation,The solid color is pure,The pattern is delicate and vivid

6Wide range of applications:Printing factory, clothing factory, personalized customization, network single sales and other process factories can be used,Products can be used in clothing,Trousers, hats, bags, home textiles, etc,Strong adaptability.

7, Environmental Protection:Waterless, tasteless, smokeless and dust-free production process,Pollution-free green environmental protection,Meet the national environmental protection requirements.

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Deep ploughing inkjet printing equipment26Audley's reputation as a technology manufacturer in the industry,Its white ink hot stamping machine is recognized by the garment printing industry for its excellent quality. Audley2Head,4The head white ink hot stamping machine is available,Audley among them4Head white ink hot stamping printing machineTY700Speed and quality are guaranteed,Epson authorized sprinkler,And all dislocation arrangement is adopted,Fast speed,High precision.8passSpeed up to17㎡/h,4passSpeed up to27㎡/h,Easily meet users' mass customized printing needs,With efficient and high-quality printing performance to obtain the industry users praise,The printed output is not only colorful,Color fastness is also excellent,No cracks will appear after washing. If you need a hot film printer, I believe the Audley machine must be a good choice for you!

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