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Digital printing machine has a small problem, may be maintenance work is not done!

Released Date: Sep 04,2020 Article Source: Audley

In recent years, the demand for digital printing textiles has grown rapidly, and everyone knows that digital printing is the trend of The Times, and they have invested in the wave of printing investment and entrepreneurship. For the first contact with digital printing machine, there will be more or less various small problems, affecting the normal production work, and bringing a lot of unnecessary trouble to the printing person, how to reduce the frequency of accidents, the following Kingdie small editor and share the maintenance tips of digital printing machine!


First, prevent static interference

First of all, we must understand that static electricity is mostly the mutual friction of different dielectric materials, or the contact between conductive materials and charged objects. Digital printing machine as a precision wide-format printing equipment, the core of the various motherboards, lines complex interleaving, printing nozzle is very easy to wear, it is easy to be damaged by static electricity, so to completely cut off static interference.

The main methods to control static electricity are: digital printing machine plug ground wire;Reduce friction during storage of printed materials;Use detergent or anti-static measures, etc. This requires controlling the room temperature at15-30Degree, humidity at40%-60%And regularly open Windows for ventilation to ensure air fluency, do a good job of grounding wire work, use copper wire tied to iron blocks to bury the ground deeply, and pour salt water.

2. Clean regularly

Since the ink is easy to coagitate and precipitate when it contacts the air for a long time, the digital printing machine needs to automatically clean and moisturize the nozzle after the completion of the work, and regularly clean the waste ink in the nozzle to avoid the ink solidification blocking the nozzle and affecting the normal printing.

Indoor dust prevention work, digital printing machine as far as possible placed away from the window, away from the machine prone to smoke and dust or corners, because the nozzle and motherboard of the digital printing machine, easy to dust and dirt corrosion or damage, resulting in ink-jet is not smooth, damage to the nozzle, burn circuit board and other adverse phenomena.

Three, the choice of original ink

Ink is the key to the normal printing and color rendering of digital printing machine, and now the ink brand on the market is mixed, and the inferior thermal sublimation ink has misled many printing people, resulting in frequent machine faults, affecting the delay of order submission and causing huge economic losses, so Kingdee printing machine Xiaobian strongly recommends that the manufacturer's original ink be selected, and the quality and after-sales are guaranteed.

To emphasize a few periodic maintenance skills:

Every day: Check the status of the nozzle before production. If there is a broken line, clean it immediately before starting production;

Every week: According to the frequency of use, waste ink bottles, ink cartridges and ink tubes are cleaned;

Two weeks: clean the ink stack, open the test function of the ink stack, wipe and remove dirt with clean water;

every3Month: Clean the grating, wipe it with a white cloth dipped in alcohol, and oil the belt to maintain the run-in degree of the gear;

Every year: Check the debris on the circuit board, blow away the accumulated dust, check the aging phenomenon of the line, power cord, socket, etc.

As a new high-end digital printing machine launched by Audley Digital, Kingdee solves the common problem of folding in the traditional printing machine, and adopts the design concept of putting and folding after the whole process of tension adjustment to truly eliminate the occurrence of printing folding. In addition, Kingdee printing machine is equipped with Reisai brushless motor, intelligent ink shortage alarm system, intelligent drying device and many other functions to ensure printing stability and extended service life.

Kingdee digital printing machine is equipped with Epson official authorizationI3200-A1Three nozzle, printing format is1.9Meters, high-speed printing up to110square/It is mainly used in clothing, home textile and other industries. Printing speed is fast, the effect is more significant, Kingdee printing machine is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises industrial planning production mode.

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