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What is a UV printer, do you really understand?!

Released Date: Jun 09,2022 Article Source: smsuvd

UVprinterWhat does that mean? When someone asks you that, you don't know much about it. What we seeUVPrinter is just a name, but in fact few people know its practical meaning and application, then the next will be introduced to you UVplayWhat is the meaning of the printing machine, I hope to have some help for those who have just entered the field.


UVPrinters are printers that use UV curing special inks,UVThe printer is actually a way of printing with ultraviolet curing inkUVInk has a very high chemical reaction to ultraviolet light, so we are directly a finished product after printing.


At the moment,UVThe printer has achieved remarkable results in screen printing, glass printing, background wall printing, mobile phone case printing, and various handicraft printing. Compared to traditional printing,UVThe printer can be coated,The latter prints the smooth oil directly. It is mainly to maintain the adhesion of the product pattern and make the product highlight the relief effect. It can make the product more corrosion resistant and less prone to scratches.


UVAdvantages of printers over traditional printing

UVThe printer can print on the product with or without coating;radiationlessUVPrinter UV lamp, printing is the packaging of the finished product, eliminating the traditional printing drying method, more saving labor costs.

01No plate making,Fast and low-cost printing, support for a variety of output software,Supports multiple file formats.

02Equipped with professional color management software, you can freely change the pattern you need on the computer.

03Fast printing, only need to complete the printing can be packaged and sold.

04Whether it is a single piece or a batch, you can do it all at once. Greatly saving labor costs.

05Full color image, oneComplete time's,The progressive color completely achieves the photo quality effect, the positioning is accurate, and the scrap rate is zero.

06It doesn't require much specialized knowledge,UVPrinter factory pass30Minutes of training can be printed by yourself.

07You only need computer knowledge to print. Compared with traditional printing, less than traditional printing50%The ink.

UVPrinters print a variety of products

UVThe printer will not be affected by the product, as long as it is a flat object can be printed. Our common life items Mobile phone case, background wall, glass, tile,pvc, plastic,Doors and Windows, bags, leather shoes can be completed, the color is quite rich comparable to SLR, to meet the needs of the industry.

first UVPrinters are high-tech products:

In useUVWhen the printer prints the product, it is printed at one time, using the Ricoh nozzleUVThe printer positioning is very accurate, greatly saving the cost of manpower and material resources.UVThe printer does not need to make plate printing, and the cost of single sheet and batch processing is the same, which can complete the product needs of customers more economically and efficiently,To help you increase more business opportunities and profits.

Second point Ricoh nozzleUVThe printer is more accurate:

Ricoh developed the micro-piezoelectric inkjet technology, which has many small piezoelectric ceramic printhead nozzles placed near the piezoelectric ceramic with elongation or contraction deformation characteristics,Effectively control ink droplet size and harmonic patterns in the steady state of the ink,The ink is uniformly discharged, and precisely, in order to obtain printout with high accuracy and resolution of color images, while reducing ink consumption.

Third point Compatible with any material:

Whether it is ceiling soft film or flat products can be printed;

Plane object:Mobile phone case,Glass, tile,Background wall, purse, shoes, etc;Soft object:Ceiling soft film, painting, leather,carpet;

Fourth point UVHow stable is the printer:

inUVThe printer works by holding the product in placeUVAbove the flat surface of the printer, lean against itUVThe printer's adsorption platform absorbs the product. And can adjust the height of the machine up to150MAnd can automatically adjust the height.


UVmachineIf you have any questions, you can leave a comment below the article, or call Audley's service hotline for more information about other devices:400-6179998.You can also scan the QR code below:


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