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How to avoid UV printer in the printing process damage to the nozzle

Released Date: May 05,2020 Article Source: Audley

 For inkjet printing equipment, the nozzle is a key factor in equipment maintenance and normal printing output, and because of the high price of foreign imports, a little carelessness may cause damage to bear huge costs, so masterUVThe attributes and knowledge of the printer nozzle benefit a lot from production and processing.

  Common ones are listed below3A kind of action, directly or indirectly affectedUVThe status of the printer nozzle;

  1. Power Supply

  UVDuring the power-on process, the printer may need to be disassembled, installed, and cleaned. For your safety and the stability of the equipment, please first power off and then carry out effective operation. Do not carry out large-scale operation and replacement in normal workUVThe printer's control and ink delivery system have an impact, indirectly resultinguvThe stability of the printer nozzle is reduced and the plug is burned.

  In the cleaning process, first power off and then carefully clean, do not splash the ink cleaning liquid on the circuit board and precision electronic accessories, so as not to cause the line short circuit dangerUVPrinter head.

  Two.UVInk and cleaning fluid

  UVPrinter useUVInk and cleaning fluid is very "picky", the quality of the ink is easy to coagulate ink road lead to plugging crisis;The mixing of different ink brands will lead to poor print image effects and color difference effects that do not meet printing needs;Poor quality cleaning solution will not only clean the ink of the nozzle, but also corrode the nozzle for a long time. So chooseUVInk and cleaning fluid as far as possible to choose the manufacturer matching ink, after-sales maintenance is guaranteed.

  Third, cleaning methods

  UVPrinter as a more mature digital printing equipment, a set of maintenanceUVThe cleaning system of the printer nozzle is generally adequate, but sometimes it is necessary to complement the manual cleaning operation to play a full range of protective measures.UVIn the process of automatic cleaning of the printer, try to ensure that it is cleaned once a day, do not frequent cleaning and long-term stagnation, so as not to cause excessive corrosion and ink solidification.

  UVPrinter nozzle blockage manual cleaning process, do not use ultrasonic and high pressure water gun cleaning method, will have a certain impact on the nozzle. It is recommended to use a syringe to rinse slowly, which can greatly reduce the wear of the nozzle.

  Here are two suggestionsUVTips for printer nozzle maintenance;

  ①Try to choose the original nozzle, small formatUV9060Printer selectionTX800Or Epson other oil-based sprinkler, largeUVPrinter choice Ricoh or other industrial sprinkler.

  ②UVDuring the printer installation training process, there are instructions for the maintenance and cleaning steps of the sprinkler head, which require careful understanding and practice to extend the service life of the sprinkler head.

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