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Analysis of several important characteristics of outdoor photo machine

Released Date: Dec 03,2020 Article Source: Audley


Photo machine classification

  The mainstream piezoelectric photo machine on the market is mainly divided into two categories, outdoor photo machine and indoor photo machine. The outdoor photo machine mainly has good sun resistance, high raw material quality, and ink safety standards, while the indoor photo machine is generally suitable for indoor use, with high production efficiency and exquisite pictures, but it needs cold laminating film treatment to prevent fading.

Photo machine ink

  Now there are more types of ink on the market, mixed fish, inferior ink will produce stratification, precipitation phenomenon, reaction to the photo machine will be in the ink barrel, ink cartridge, ink tube and nozzle ink chamber precipitation. The direct result is that the ink supply is not smooth, the amount of ink sprayed by the nozzle is not uniform, which affects the picture, and the life of the oscillating crystal is extremely shortened when the nozzle is blocked in serious cases, that is, the so-called burning head. Generally, excellent ink does not need to be shaken or oscillated with ultrasonic waves before use, so it is necessary to look for the original ink of the manufacturer when selecting the ink.

      Tip: The ink of outdoor photo machine and indoor photo machine is not universal, the nozzle structure is different, and the ink should be distinguished clearly when choosing.

Photo machine cost performance

  With the continuous update of printing technology, the price of photo machines has gradually declined, especially domestic outdoor machines, stability and hardware have been comparable to imported machines, cost-effective, after-sales is also very in place. Outdoor photo accuracy can reach photo level, strong expression, especially delicate skin or beautiful products can be printed very realistic, small to2mmThe small print can be very clear performance, in the advertising industry, outdoor photo machine is irreplaceable.

Photo machine application

  The outdoor photo machine has a wide range of use, and the available materials are more extensive, such as inkjet cloth, car stickers,PPPhoto paper can be used.

  There are many aspects of outdoor photo applications, such as the advertising industry, the method of publicity is a variety of, you can advertise on billboards, you can also advertise on buses, or corporate cars, these are applied to outdoor photos.

  Graphic processing industry for graphic clarity requirements are very large, and graphic processing for printing speed is also required, outdoor photo machine in the printing accuracy and printing speed of these two aspects do well, printing speed, printed out the image and text are very clear, can meet the needs of the industry.

  Signage processing industry is focused on large and clear, and now in any place need to use signs, signs can also reflect a region, a corporate image, naturally need bright pictures and clear text, outdoor photo machine in this industry is also comfortable.

  Of course, in addition to these three industries, there are many industries that need outdoor photo machines, and outdoor writing is a big area, with considerable industry prospects.


  Henan Audley digital focus on the research and development, production and sales of printing equipment such as photo machine, advanced inkjet printing technology, personalized appearance design, the use of internationally renowned brands of the same quality related sheet metal material, the appearance of the whole machine is more generous and stable, high precision and high-speed printing design, the machine is stable and easy to operate, more powerful, is the same type of photo machine in the cost-effective printing equipment.

In many outdoor advertising applications, Audley photo machine is a typical application case, is recognized by many industry users inkjet printing equipment. If you are ready to buy a stable, cost-effective photo machine, Audley photo machine is a good choice for you!

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