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You have a digital printing machine maintenance guide, please note that check

Released Date: Apr 18,2022 Article Source: Audley

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools.

Digital printing machineAs a printing machine, daily maintenance is very important, effective maintenance skills can extend its service life, bring more economic benefits for manufacturers. Today, I will share with you some maintenance skills of digital printing machine.


01Humidity control.

As we all know, the drier the weather, the more likely it is to produce static electricity, too much static electricityDigital printing machineThe nozzle causes a lot of loss, so it is crucial to maintain the humidity of the working environment of the printing machine. Audley printing machine optimal operating environment humidity is 40%~60%Therefore, the indoor humidity is adjusted in advance before work to avoid the working environment is too dry, resulting in machine failure.

202Inks with high viscosity are not suitable   

Although the weight of the ink drop is too large to reduce static electricity, but the viscosity is too large to the digital printing machine nozzle crystal. It is recommended that the ink used must use the original ink of the manufacturer, which is not only weather-resistant, but also compatible with the printing machine produced by the manufacturer, and can maximize the best printing effect of the printing machine.


03Clean the nozzle and cartridge regularly

Because the ink standing time is too long, it may cause precipitation, so the digital printing machine should regularly clean the nozzle and ink to avoid the phenomenon of partial oil circuit blockage. In this way, its print quality can also be effectively guaranteed.


04Good dust prevention

Indoor dust work, can not be put together with the machine prone to smoke and dust, to avoid nozzle blockage. Digital printing machine nozzle and inkjet hole, such as dust, small debris into the nozzle, nozzle blockage, easy to dirty the ink nozzle panel, and eventually lead to the adverse phenomenon of inkjet.

05Check the scraper and ink stack regularly

Check at least once a weekDigital printing machineThe cleaning condition of the scraper and ink stack, such as hair and other debris, please use tweezers or facial tissue to remove debris; If the blade is deformed or damaged, replace it with a new blade.

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