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High speed printing focus - Audley F2208 digital printing machine

Released Date: Sep 13,2022 Article Source: gsdzzy

With the development of printing and dyeing industry, the digital printing machine on the market has been rapidly upgraded from the early single head/Double head printing machine to the present6head/8Head, even15The market is becoming larger and larger, and the purchase of digital printing machines is particularly important.

From the current market of mainstream printing machines,6Head digital printing machine and8The first digital printing machine is still the mainstream, but major manufacturers are actively introducing better performance and faster digital printing machines to prepare for seizing the printing market. Today I would like to introduce this model to youMr. DeliF2208Digital printing machineNot only high printing precision, green environmental protection, but also speed. Faster, loved by many printing factories.

F2208Digital printing machine

Product details

Machine type

F2208Digital printing machine

Sprinkler type

8Head Epsoni3200A1

Print width


Print speed


Material handling

Inflatable shaft system, roller transfer/Automatic tension retraction system

        Product advantages:

01 F2208It's a thermal transfer digital printing machine:

Working principle: The thermal transfer flower usually prints the pattern to the transfer paper, and then prints the pattern on the transfer paper to the cloth with the high temperature of the transfer machine.

Heat transfer flower features:

1.The operation procedure is simple and convenient

2.The finished product printed by the digital printing machine is guaranteed

3.Suitable for printing on a variety of materials

02Epsoni3200-A1The printing accuracy of the nozzle is higher

EpsonI3200-A1Sprinkler head,TFPThin-film piezoelectric technology+2.5plVariable point ink drop function, accurate positioning of ink drop, image color level is richer and fuller, printing effect is more exquisite.


03Split ink stack cleaning unit

Intelligent nozzle cleaning and moisturizing device, providing safe and convenient nozzle cleaning and maintenance functions, more convenient operation and maintenance.

04Standard high-end imported accessories:

THKSilent rail, JapanNSKBearing, German IGus ink chain, Reisai servo brushless integrated motor; The movement is smooth, the life is longer, and the high-speed movement can effectively reduce the resistance and noise of the ink truck operation.

05Inflatable shaft winding system:

Automatic adjustment of air pressure. So that the force is uniform, so that the paper is more flat. It has the characteristics of large bearing weight, long service life, uniform loading and receiving of paper, and short inflating and deflating operation time. The unique swing bar in the retracting and unwinding system ensures that the paper is stressed evenly during the entire printing process, and the paper is smooth and tight to avoid untightening.

Application scheme:

Applicable fields:Clothing, home textiles, curtains, door curtains, carpets, etc.

Applicable fabric: Polyester, chemical fiber, chiffon, polyester cotton, etc.

carpet     Home textiles

carpet                      Home textiles

curtain     Throw pillow

curtain                      Throw pillow

Through the above introduction, you should already know: AudleyF2208The industrial printing machine has the advantages of fast speed, high precision and smooth operation. It is definitely the best choice for you to buy a high-speed digital printing machine.


Audley has developed several models for different industries, which are now available1.8m, 2.2m,3.2mThe same widthDigital printing machineTo meet the diversified printing needs of customers. What are you hesitating about? Come and consult the Audley helpline:400-6179998;You can also scan the QR code below:


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