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How to maintain photo machine during National Day Mid-Autumn Festival?

Released Date: Nov 22,2019 Article Source: Audley

One, someone is on duty during the holiday, whyMaintain photo machineMaintenance operations:

If there are people on duty during the holiday, it is recommended to use the test strip of the photo machine printing nozzle every day to check whether the nozzle is blocked. If there is a blockage, please clean the photo machine to ensure that the nozzle maintains a good printing state. Make a color value is each50to90Left and right composite black block, print once a day, each print at least wide60cmlong20cmThe printing operation.

Wide-format printer

Second, no one on duty during the holiday photo machine maintenance operation

During the holiday if the company is not on duty, before the photo machine stops working to do the relevant maintenance operations, before leaving the photo machine to print test strips, see how the printing effect, if there is no broken ink can keep the nozzle in the normal state;If the nozzle has ink blocking, you can clean the nozzle first to avoid the nozzle plugging state before the photo machine is shut down. The outdoor photo machine using weak solvent ink can use a special weak solvent nozzle cleaning solution, first clean the moisturizing sponge with a special cleaning solution, and then pour the cleaning solution on the sponge to make it wet, move the head back to the right cleaning station and make the nozzle closely combined with the moisturizing sponge to maintain the moisturizing state of the nozzle.

If the conditions permit, the nozzle is stopped for a long time, and the nozzle can be removed for cleaning and sealing. The operation method can be referred to the following steps:

1Power off the machine.

2Move the head to the left end of the cleaning position, put a corrosion resistant container under the nozzle to hold the cleaning waste liquid.

3Use a glass syringe to draw out the water, and then wash the auxiliary ink tank with a special cleaning solution.

4Put the ink supply tube on the nozzle(Derived from secondary ink canister)Pull it out, then draw it with a glass syringe40mlSpecial cleaning liquid cleaning nozzle, done together2Time. Do not blow the residual cleaning liquid in the nozzle, be sure to leave enough cleaning liquid inside the nozzle, because the cleaning liquid can play a moisturizing role on the nozzle.

5Put the treated nozzle into a clean corrosion-resistant container and seal it(Plastic wrap is good)It can be stored after getting up1About a month,If you want to store for a long time must pay attention to sealing, if the cleaning liquid dry will damage the nozzle.

Through the above sprinkler maintenance operation, I believe that you can rest assured that your photo machine has a happy National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday.

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