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Traditional printing people's transformation Gospel --15 head high-speed digital printing machine

Released Date: Sep 02,2022 Article Source: ctyhrd5814

With the progress of The Times and the innovation of science and technology, digital printing machine has risen in the industry with high-quality digital printing technology, and has become the choice of more and more printing people. Due to the advantages of digital printing technology, such as high precision, no need to make plates, flexible batch, environmental protection, small footprint and so on, it is more and more popular with the public. In the face of this industry trend, Audley printing machine continues to transform and upgrade, and strive to bring better digital printing equipment to the industry's printing people. The following Xiaobian will recommend one for you2022Up to a day a year7000It's Dom's most popular modelAudleyF 2015Industrial printing printer.

Audley2015Industrial printing machine.png 

Audley printmachineF2015,15An EpsonI3200-A1Sprinkler head,1PASS:550㎡/h ,2PASS:270㎡/hThe printing speed,5Printing accuracy within a filamentThe realistic printing effect has been praised by many digital printing factories. It is not only equipped with a variety of high-end configuration features to reduce downtime, but also equipped with a variety of printing modes, which can be achieved in standard production mode550㎡/h. While ensuring stable production, it also takes into account the quality and speed of printingEpsonI3200-A1The sprinkler also greatly reduces the burn rate of the sprinkler and prolongs the service life of the sprinkler.

Advantages and characteristics

1.Fast speed

15An EpsonI3200-A1Nozzle, staggered arrangement, maximum printing speed up to550/h.


2.High precision

EpsonI3200-A1Sprinkler, single sprinkler3200A spray hole, the same working area, high printing accuracy, printing speed. Exclusive to EpsonOn-demand piezoelectric inkjet technologyYou can freely control the size of the ink droplets sprayed, thereby reducing the sense of granularity, showing more picture details, smooth color transition, and higher saturation.

3.Stable operation

High flatness of the printing platform, using no pressure wheel, roller type paper, more suitable for thin paper printing, paper more stable, using JapanTHKHigh-speed silent linear guide railDouble guide rails also ensure the stability of the car when printing, heavy industrial full cover shell integrated frame, 10,000 meters of retracting, retracting structure using rubber roller transmission/Tension automatic retracting system, the whole retracting process constant tension, will not affect the step.


4.Cost saving

550Domi/When the rate of production,35gHeat transfer paper left and right,16000The high quality and high concentration thermal transfer ink can reduce the use cost of paper, save labor and site costs, and reduce the overall energy consumption. It is a printer that can help printing factories deliver quickly and save production costs.


5.High-end configuration

12KWIntelligent segmented drying system, JapanTHKLinear ultra-silent guide rail,NSKBearing, high quality silent tow chain Roller transfer, optional double servo 10,000 meters feeding system.




Application field

As an alternative to traditional printing, digital printing has been widely used in clothing, home textiles and other fabrics printing.



Fashion clothing: Personalized pattern printing can be carried out on a variety of fabrics to create high-end fashion clothing with delicate patterns and rich colors.



Home application: Used in bed sheets, quilt covers, curtains, throw pillows, carpets and other home textile supplies, can achieve fine patterns, bright colors, and the output of finished products do not fade, wear resistance.


Personalized accessories: personalized customized exclusive patterns, patterns are not subject to any restrictions to achieve personalized production needs.


Soft signs: High speed production of banners, flags, knife flags and other soft signs with high quality patterns with high precision details and bright colors.

Through the above introduction, you should already understand: for large daily output, printing speed has high requirements for large digital printing processing plants,AudleyF2015Industrial printing machine speed, high precision, smooth operation, is definitely your choice of high-speed digital printing machine quality.


AudleyFor different industries to develop a number of models, there are now1.8Meter,2.2Meter,3.2Meters, etc. of different widthsDigital printing machineTo meet the diversified printing needs of customers. What are you hesitating about?Pick up the phone and order.

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High speed sprinkler :I3200 high speed sprinkler, compatibility: weak solvent, water, thermal sublimation, UV Dual-head configuration: true high-speed printing, 75 square per hour; Control system: the most stable domestic board control system; Silent linear guide: imported silent linear guide, more stable machine movement 1 longer service life; Anti-scratch device: prevent the material from lifting the scratch nozzle, effectively protect the nozzle; Intelligent heating: Dual infrared heating: reduce drying time, speed up paper delivery efficiency, ensure high-speed printing; New frame design: mold appearance new aluminum alloy body structure design, effectively improve the picture printing quality; The height of the trolley frame adjustment: according to the thickness of the material, adjust the height of the nozzle, convenient for users to use more media; Silent linear guide: imported silent linear guide, more stable machine movement, longer service life;

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1.With Epsoni3200-A1/E1Original authentic sprinkler head 2.Imported silent linear guide rail: no noise, more stable movement, more stable printing, extend the service life of the machine. 3.All aluminum lifting ink stack: automatic lifting ink stack, tighter sealing and long-term moisturizing, automatic cleaning Settings, cleaner and simpler printing. 4.German Igus chain, the movement is silent more stable. 5.Three speed adjustable press wheel, prevent static electricity does not fly ink, printing size is more accurate, no wrinkles.

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