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Whether it's four heads, eight heads or 15 heads, choose Audley - good products, use peace of mind

Released Date: Jun 30,2022 Article Source: bgstbt

withWith the progress of The Times and scientific and technological innovation, digital printing machines have risen in the industry with high-quality digital printing technology and become more and moreA must-have for the printing factory. Because of the complicated process of traditional printing technology, the operation of the pigment paste and scraping ink techniques, proficiency is relatively particular, the quality of the pigment paste is good or bad, the importance of the technique will affect the final result. Digital printing is different, no plate making, pulp mixing, the whole computer control, that is, printing, simple and convenient. whileThe Audley printing machineGo byContinuous transformation and upgrading, bringing better digital printing equipment to the printing people in the industry. The following Xiaobian will recommend one for youNecessary for printingIn vogueartifact---AudleyF2015Industrial printingpaperAirplane.



AudleyF2015Is a thermal sublimation digital printing equipment, no need to make nets and matching color paste, stable high-speed,Fast shipment speed, no need to worry about inventory backlog, no order MOQ limit,1Parts can also be printed, suitable for small batches of personalized customized production at the same time, but also to meet the needs of large quantities of high-quality production orders of large printing plants.

Recommendation reason

1. High capacity printing to meet the different needs of users

The production problem has always been the most concerned issue of industry users.The Audley printing machineF2015,15An EpsonI3200-A1Sprinkler head,Individual sprinkler3200A spray hole, the same working area, high printing accuracy, printing speed. Omni hora550Square meters, bring users high-speed output experience.

2. High quality printing, showing the beauty of color

Whether it is personalized customization or mass production, the output quality has always been a key link affecting customer satisfaction. Audley's printing equipment, all outfitted with EpsonI3200-A1Sprinkler heads are unique to themVSDT(Variable ink drop technology), you can freely control the spray of ink drop size, thereby reducing granularity, rendering multiple picture details, thus achieving high-quality printout.


At the same time, Epson's precise nozzle arrangement, tight print head structure, speed, quality and durability bring vivid colors and more high-end personalized features to the production of custom fashion clothing, sports apparel, home decor and advertising.

3. High stability printing, to meet the different needs of customers

High capacity, high quality also need high stability to escort. For large machines, stability is an important consideration for users to buy, improve production speed and save costs.

4. Highly user-friendly design

①AudleyF2015With the heating and drying system, it can automatically adapt to the different drying conditions of outdoor and indoor inks, ensuring that it is ready to dry when printing large ink quantity pictures at high speed. Adjust the power of the dryer according to the actual demand, and reduce the power consumption to the minimum while ensuring the drying effect.

②Adopt is15Head all aluminum ink stack, long-term moisturizing, automatic cleaning, printing cleaner and easier.

③With the anti-collision trolley frame, the user can adjust the position of the nozzle according to different printing supplies, and the anti-collision device is added at both ends to give the nozzle more comprehensive safety protection.

④It uses an ink shortage alarm device,10LLarge capacity ink barrel, ensure long printing life, ink shortage alarm device, when the equipment is used in ink shortage, you can participate in the ink in advance, to avoid printing due to ink shortage caused by abnormal printing.


⑤Wide range of applications


In addition, compared to the traditional printed fabric pattern follows the repeated combination of unit shapes,AudleyF2015The digital printing machine breaks through the restrictions of cyclic arrangement of unit pattern order, the size of the repeating unit can also be freely determined, and the concept of fabric edge can be ignored within a certain range. In particular, the advantages of digital printing in pattern positioning and cut printing have opened up the diversity of fabric composition methods.

Through the above introduction, you should have understood:For both novice and veteran users, this one15The head is definitely a good choice for you, and it is one of the essential artifacts of all printing factories.For large digital printing processing plants with high printing speed requirements,Audley FF2015Industrial printing machineFast speed, high precision, smooth operation, is definitely your choice of high-speed digital printing machine quality.

Audley has developed a variety of models for different industries to meet the diverse printing needs of its customers. What are you hesitating about?Pick up the phone and order. Service Hotline:400-6179998 


Recommend products

ADL7192 double head photo machine

ADL7192 double head photo machine

High speed sprinkler :I3200 high speed sprinkler, compatibility: weak solvent, water, thermal sublimation, UV Dual-head configuration: true high-speed printing, 75 square per hour; Control system: the most stable domestic board control system; Silent linear guide: imported silent linear guide, more stable machine movement 1 longer service life; Anti-scratch device: prevent the material from lifting the scratch nozzle, effectively protect the nozzle; Intelligent heating: Dual infrared heating: reduce drying time, speed up paper delivery efficiency, ensure high-speed printing; New frame design: mold appearance new aluminum alloy body structure design, effectively improve the picture printing quality; The height of the trolley frame adjustment: according to the thickness of the material, adjust the height of the nozzle, convenient for users to use more media; Silent linear guide: imported silent linear guide, more stable machine movement, longer service life;

Audley ADL-8194 four head industrial piezoelectric photo machine

Audley ADL-8194 four head industrial piezoelectric photo machine

1.With Epsoni3200-A1/E1Original authentic sprinkler head 2.Imported silent linear guide rail: no noise, more stable movement, more stable printing, extend the service life of the machine. 3.All aluminum lifting ink stack: automatic lifting ink stack, tighter sealing and long-term moisturizing, automatic cleaning Settings, cleaner and simpler printing. 4.German Igus chain, the movement is silent more stable. 5.Three speed adjustable press wheel, prevent static electricity does not fly ink, printing size is more accurate, no wrinkles.

M1800W Canvas webbing printer

M1800W Canvas webbing printer

With Epsoni3200-U1Nozzle, four-head configuration, high precision mode can be reached32㎡/h, production mode48㎡/h. Platform three zones adjustable suction, high power water coolingUVLights. Head automatic height measurement, anti-collision protection, nozzle independent constant temperature system. Heavy-duty pneumatic expansion shaft, rolling simple discharge system, large bearing weight, long service life, uniform retracting and discharging materials.

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