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Audley digital printing machine with Epson authorized I3200 nozzle, more stable. More worry free

Released Date: Jun 11,2020 Article Source: Audley


In recent years, with the development of society, the demand for fashion printing continues to increase, which has led to the innovation of digital printing technology, and the digital printing machine suitable for home textiles, clothing and other industries has become the choice of printing people. On this basis, Henan Audley devoted to research and development of printing technology, follow the development trend of the industry, golden disc digital printing machine was born.


As a new high-end digital printing machine launched by Odley Digital, Kingdee printing machine solves the common problem of folding in the traditional printing machine, and adopts the design concept of putting and folding after the whole process of tension adjustment to truly eliminate the occurrence of printing folding. In addition, Kingdee printing machine is equipped with Reisai brushless motor, intelligent ink shortage alarm system, intelligent drying device and many other functions to ensure printing stability and extended service life.

Kingdee digital printing machine is equipped with Epson official authorizationI3200Three nozzle, printing format is1.9Meters, high-speed printing up to110square/It is mainly used in clothing, home textile and other industries. Printing speed is fast, the effect is more significant, Kingdee printing machine is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises industrial planning production mode.


EpsonI3200Sprinkler, is an Epson officially authorized corrosion resistant sprinkler, suitable for water, paint, weak solvent,UVAnd thermal sublimation ink, with good compatibility. The sprinkler has4right8Row of nozzles, single row400Hole, total3200It's a spray hole. Print accuracy reached2400dpiSupport variable ink drop technology, can achieve multi-gray printing. Its high-quality output can make the picture saturation color gorgeous, greatly improve the printing effect, which for Kingdee digital printing machine lasting and fine printing escort.


As we all know, Epson printhead has excellent performance both in printing accuracy and output speed.I3200Sprinkler heads are protected by intellectual property rights(Have a genuine identity and product tracking code)In addition, in the original factory support, printer life, production efficiency and printing stability are guaranteed, users can also get more reliable after-sales service, which is the choice of Kingdee printing machineI3200The root cause of the sprinkler.

Kingdee printing machine configurationI3200Advantages of sprinkler

1, service life

I3200The nozzle is designed for industrial printers, and the internal structure mechanism process of the print head is constantly updated, which can be achieved by industrial production1More than a year of service life.

2, control system

Normal headI3200The control board is based on the Epson printhead plan design, and it is easy to connect without decryption, reducing the damage caused by the control system.

3Ink matching

I3200Nozzle pairUVProprietary design of ink and weak solvent ink, good compatibility, and cooperate with ink manufacturers to carry out matching experiments, can greatly improve the service life of Kingdee printing machine nozzle.

4, print speed

I3200Nozzle frequency can be realized21.6KHzImprove production efficiency25%It is more suitable for high-speed printing production mode.

5, print stability

I3200The nozzle is provided by Epson regular waveform, printing more stable. The print head also provides a matching drive voltage, which can reduce the color difference of the nozzle and improve the picture.

6, Technical support

Epson willI3200The basic waveform of the nozzle is provided to the control board partner, and the technical support is provided together with the partner to greatly improve the production efficiency.


It shares the Kingdee printing machine6Big advantages, I hope to help you understand and choose digital printing machine. Henan Audley warm tips: use Epson formal authorizationI3200-A1Sprinkler, can make the production process more stable, high-speed and assured.

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