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2022 Social Responsibility Report, Henan Indu Digital Technology Co., LTD

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First, corporate governance system

Good corporate governance is the internal driving force for enterprises to achieve sustainable development. Since the2016Since the establishment of the company, the company has organically combined corporate governance with production and operation. In strict accordance with the requirements of the Company Law and relevant national laws, regulations and rules, the modern enterprise system shall be established, the corporate governance structure shall be improved, and the operation of the company shall be standardized. A systematic and scientific rule system has been established based on the Articles of Association of the Company, with the rules of procedure of the shareholders' meeting, the rules of procedure of the board of directors, the rules of supervisors' meeting, and the working rules of the general manager as the main framework. A balance mechanism of decision-making, execution, operation management, effective supervision and other rights with the theme structure of shareholders' meeting, board of directors, board of supervisors and management has been formed, which ensures the healthy operation of various business activities such as production and operation of the company and realizes the sustainable and healthy development of the company.

Ii. Company development

Focusing on the theme of reform and innovation, the company has thoroughly implemented the scientific concept of development, innovated marketing strategies, actively responded to market changes, carried out independent innovation, paid attention to financial budget and cost assessment, strengthened the company's ability to defend and control risks, and promoted the company's business performance to continue to maintain sustained and rapid growth.

The company attaches great importance to product research and development and scientific and technological innovation, constantly improve the level of machinery manufacturing, adhere to management innovation, the implementation of standardization, and gradually achieve fine management. The most prominent and important work made by the company in the creation of green factories is the major innovation of technical processes, the use of laser welding technology to replace the traditional welding process, completely changed the process of sheet metal welding production, not only more efficient and energy-saving, but also more clean and environmentally friendly, truly realize energy saving and emission reduction, green environmental protection.

The printing machine and powder shaking machine developed by the company have entered the mass production stage, and have been approved by the patent, and have entered the foreign market.project2023Foreign sales team added2Group, domestic sales team added1Group, after building to achieve annual sales7000Taiwan, annual sales revenue2One billion yuan.

The company has established a cooperative relationship with Henan Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering to absorb students every year30A college graduate,2022At the end of the year, we established industry-university-research cooperation with Xinxiang Engineering College, focusing on cooperation in production process technology improvement and new product research and development, and gradually let diversified products meet market demand quickly with high quality.

3. Product management

Product production technology in the domestic leading level.The printer tension detection roller set developed by the company exceeds the domestic production technology of the same industry. This technology2021years9Won the national intellectual property patent application, and2021Won the industry painting media magazine, inkjet printing magazine recommended brand.

Product research and development and technological innovation have achieved excellent results, and have been fully affirmed by the government and all sectors of society.Over the past few years, Henan Indu Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has successively become a national high-tech enterprise, a provincial "specialized and special new" high-quality small and medium-sized enterprise, a municipal thermal printing engineering technology research and development center, and a provincial thermal printing engineering technology research and development center2021exit20Strong enterprise, Henan Institute of Mechanical and Electrical research base and other award winners.

Product quality has also been recognized and affirmed by customers.The company carries out the construction of "Quality Management System" and vigorously promotes and carries out"Craftsman spirit", strictly grasp the daily production line quality management details; Establish product quality tracking system for eachEach process has a clear record of the personal information of the staff, which is equivalent to the assembly of each part has a traceable responsible person. Before each piece of equipment is put into storage, the aging test will be carried out in the original workshop100%The container shall be sealed and stored in the warehouse after passing the inspection. The company's products have been exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries with stable performance.

Fourth, personnel training

The company has formulated a series of preferential policies and implemented measures to recruit and introduce talents, so that they can feel that our work is sincere, happy and satisfied. Through this measure, in recent years, we have introduced a number of personnel with college degrees or above from all over the country80Yu Ren, senior technical title of engineering and technical personnel20Many, for the enterprise's scientific and technological innovation and development to provide a talent guarantee.

The company pays attention to the improvement of staff quality. Develop and implement the company-section-Team "three-level education" training mechanism for new employees and transferred employeesImplement the old and new way, and conduct an assessment every two months, and train the staff's safety awareness, assembly process, technical operation and other capabilities.

The company pays attention to the occupational health of employees, carries out the construction of "occupational health system", carries out free entry physical examination of employees, and organizes periodic physical examination, and has established occupational health files200The rest, to safeguard the health rights of employees; Strengthen the training of occupational health knowledge, publicize and carry out the Occupational Disease Prevention Manual, and the employees' self-protection awareness is constantly enhanced. Strengthen the supervision and management of the distribution and use of labor protection supplies, allocate and issue labor protection supplies in strict accordance with the requirements of industry standards, and promptly correct the improper use of labor protection supplies by employees in daily inspections.

Most of the company's employees come from the nearby villages, in order to promote the spirit of filial piety and gratitude, the monthly release of filial piety fund into the designated account of employees' parents, and from the vital interests and fundamental needs of employees, to solve the problem of staff accommodation, while the dormitory is equipped with air conditioning, washing machine and other facilities, and provide spring water for employees to wash all year round. And three meals a day to provide employees with free dining services, each department organizes internal team building activities every month, every year2Second organized group tour.

The company's labor union carries out the registration of poor workers, difficulties relief, natural disaster relief and so on, since2016Since last year, we have provided assistance to the poor10Next time, natural disaster relief2Time.2022The company donated money to the poor3000Yuan;

5. Environmental protection

The company attaches great importance to environmental protection and adheres to itThe development concept of "green water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains", strictly implement the new requirements and new deployment of ecological civilization and environmental protection at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, regard environmental protection as an important part of the sustainable development strategy of enterprises, attach great importance to energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental governance, actively fulfill the social responsibility of environmental protection of enterprises, and actively practice environmentally friendly and resource-saving development. Strive to take a balanced economic and social benefits, enterprises and social environment harmonious development of the road.

The company increases investment in environmental protection facilities and environmental protection equipment100More than $10,000, including1Photooxide catalytic equipment,1Activated carbon adsorption equipment,2Set of large air purification equipment,6Taiwan dry tobacco purification equipment2Dust collection equipment, etc.; The company optimizes the production process, puts in the most advanced automatic spraying line, and establishes the closed automatic spraying production process.

The company strengthens the construction of environmental protection system management, earnestly implements the responsibility system of environmental protection work, carries out the construction of "environmental management system" and "energy management system", implements the environmental management indicators in every link of the product production process, establishes the target responsibility system from the enterprise senior management, middle management to the team basis, forms a management network, establishes the electricity monitoring system, video online monitoring system, and establishes the environmental management system. Timely reporting of production and pollution discharge, assessment of personnel who are negligent in environmental protection management, responsibility in place, rewards and punishments.

The company strengthens the promotion and implementation of environmental protection concepts, propagates environmental protection knowledge through slogans, brochures, blackboard newspapers and other forms, and improves employees' environmental awareness. Strengthen the company's factory appearance management, plant construction and management to implement beautification, hardening, greening, lighting projects, planting various types of trees10000More trees, green area2More than 10,000 square meters, green land rate26.5%. Corporate useOAOffice system financeERPManagement, nail management system, internal network and other modern information technology means, the implementation of paperless office, and actively promote the construction of a conservation-oriented society.

The company encourages technical innovation and full participation of employeesThe theme collection activities of "Energy saving, cost reduction, production increase and efficiency" rationalization proposals put forward innovative and improved measures in waste recycling, production system optimization, equipment transformation, etc., reduce energy consumption, improve resource recycling, and further promote energy conservation and emission reduction work.

Through technological innovation, the company has carried out revolutionary innovation and transformation of the production process, completely deleted the traditional welding and other energy-consuming processes, and replaced the advanced automatic spray plastic production line, installed solar power generation, and constantly improved the company's economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits.


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